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Dear Lasallian Alumni,

The UMAEL (World Union of Lasallian Alumni) is an international association that gathers all the Alumni Associations and Federations worldwide. Every four years it organizes a congress in order to share information and ideas on the life and vision of the Lasallian Alumni. The congress is a unique opportunity for the Alumni from different nations to connect with one another and create links of friendship and brotherhood.

The 6th UMAEL CONGRESS will take place from June 5 to June 9, 2015.

France has been chosen to be the host country for this important event. For us it will mean going back to the sources of Lasallian history, back to the country of the foun- der where the first schools were opened, so that we might better respond to today’s challenges.

The CONGRESS will be conducted at the Institut Polytechnique LaSalle, in the city of Beauvais, France (one hour from Paris by car or train).

The La Salle campus is an institution of higher education, member of IALU (Internatio- nal Association of LaSalle Universities), that educates 1850 students every academic year. It is a campus with 4 student residences with single students rooms in which you will be accommodated. On the campus you will also find the main building with halls and classrooms of all sizes, a chapel, a restaurant, a bar, sport facilities, etc.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Beauvais in June!


Feast of St. John Baptist de La Salle




UMAEL Proposed Ammendment

Propuesta del nuevo artículo 15

roposition d’un nouvel article 15

Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools
Patron Saint of Christian Educators 

dls2015_cover01One of the principal duties of the Lasallian educator is to insure that the school runs well.  We all know that among the traditional characteristics of a well-run Lasallian school are: respect, patience, gentleness, hard work, good teaching, student centered learning and a conscious attention to God’s presence.

Today, to this list we must add concrete and personal attention to young people who suffer the poverty of the peripheries.  Regardless of a school’s socioeconomic environment, to be a truly contemporary Lasallian educational community it must go beyond its borders – physical, economic, social – and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ and a solid human education to those who are despised and discarded by society.  In this regard, I believe all of us can do more.

On this feast of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, I urge you to consider the Gospel to be the fundamental touch stone of your life.  This will inspire you to recover the original freshness of your Lasallian vocation to be a Minister of God and an Ambassador of Jesus Christ.  New avenues will arise leading you to those on the margins, new paths of creativity open up, with different forms of expression, more eloquent signs and words with new meaning for the young people, especially the poor, entrusted to our care.*  Do this and your Lasallian school will run better than ever.

Brother Robert Schieler, FSC

Superior General

 *Cf. Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, 11.



The proposed amendments to the Statute are in order to guarantee a more plural integration of the Executive Committee in accordance with the actions that have been undertaken by the present and past committees in order to take the work of UMAEL to the different Lasallian regions. This way we look to have an equal distribution of the representation and that no one region can occupy a majority of the positions.

 The main reason for this is recognizing that even though we share a common goal and common values in La Salle, each region of the world has different realities, necessities and ways of organization, so when they all come together when the Executive Committee designs the new strategies and actions to be taken during its term, all these visions can be considered and come together so that a more inclusive approach can be developed.




Campus LaSalle Beauvais, France

“Enter to learn, leave to serve”

Program of Activities



Day 0 - Friday June 5, 2015 

Arrival of the Congress Delegates

Opening speech and welcome cocktail

Day 1 - Saturday June 6, 2015

Address by Brother Superior General : Bro. Robert SCHIELER, FSC

Sharing and reflection on the theme : “the Lasallians don’t forget the kids.”

Congress official dinner.

Day 2 - Sunday June 7, 2015

Sharing and reflection on the theme : “the Lasallians support the mission”, and “Proud of La Salle”.

UMAEL General Assembly.

Closing Mass of the Congress.

Day 3 - Monday June 8, 2015 (Optional Day)

Pilgrimage to the Lasallian sites, in Rheims (French : Reims) or Rouen.

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